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Auto Liability Coverage: Can you afford to hit a BMW?

Everyone knows that have car insurance is a good idea – in fact, it’s the law. But did you know that there are many different kinds of insurance, and within those different kinds of insurance there are different coverage amounts? In this brief article, we will be discussing liability coverage, and ultimately as the title suggests, determine whether your insurance will cover you in the event that you hit a BMW or other luxury vehicle.

The Basics

Liability Insurance covers you in the event that you are in a car accident and deemed to be at fault. This insurance covers payments to other people in the accident for injuries they may have received during the accident. This includes the initial hospital visit, as well as rehabilitation programs, and any other medical attention required. It also covers damage caused to their property (most often their car).

What It Doesn’t Cover

Although liability insurance covers the medical and property damage costs for the other party, it doesn’t cover medical coverage for yourself or for passengers in your car. This coverage is commonly referred to as Medical Payments Coverage and will protect you, no matter who is at fault. The Medical Payments Coverage is certainly recommended for all drivers.


The other piece of the puzzle that is not covered by Liability Insurance is Uninsured Motorists. This is when you get into an accident with someone who is breaking the law because they are not carrying their own liability insurance. Uninsured Motorist coverage will pay for any of your medical expenses when the other party is not insured.


If you are found by the courts to be legally responsible for damage to other people or their property, you are going to be on the hook for the cost of making them whole again. It is important to note that when reviewing limits to your insurance policy, all numbers are typically represented in the thousands of dollars meaning that $300,000 may appear as 300. Make sure you read all stipulations when referring to these numbers. There are several different limits set within Liability coverage and they are below:


  1. Bodily Injury: This is what pays for the harm against another person. The Bodily Injury limit is typically divided into two numbers. The first number is the maximum limit per person that the insurance company will cover and the second number is the total amount the insurance company will cover per accident no matter how many people are involved.


  1. Property Damage: This is what pays for the damage against someone else’s car or property. This is usually a single number that represents the most your insurance company will pay for any singular accident.


The question you should really be asking yourself when looking at your insurance policy, is do I have enough coverage? Many policies only cover up to $100,000 for property damage but there are an increasing number of cars on the road that are worth more than $100,000. A 2016 BMW M6 retails for over $110,000 – is that a car you can afford to hit?


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